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How to Start Writing Beautifully – Free Workshop

How to Start Writing Beautifully – Free Workshop

RIGHT WRITING has been imparted to more than 150 Thousand students.

Handwriting is an important part of education. With beautiful handwriting not only improve your marks in school but also increases the confidence and concentration level of a student. When the student learns to write legibly they inherit a habit of reading and writing, thus moving towards mastering the language.

London Awards brings you one of its most successful projects ‘Beautiful Handwriting’ as part of our quality educational services. The project is primarily aimed at improving the handwriting of the students and thereby motivating them to yield the highest academic excellence possible.

In this age of technology, handwriting is often considered as something old-fashioned. However, the fact remains that the importance of handwriting has not diminished and it cannot be completely replaced with any other form of writing. The connection between handwriting, knowledge acquisition and emotional development is scientifically proven.

In addition to assuring better marks for exams, beautiful handwriting has many other benefits some of which are mentioned below:

 Superior memory.

 Enhanced writing speed.

 Finer motor skills.

 Enriched creativity.

 Better organisational skills.

 Effective presentation skills.

 Greater self-esteem.

 Better academic performance.

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