The SAT is a standardized exam required by most universities in The U.S.A, Canada, Europe and the Middle East to assess a candidate’s profile.

SAT I & SAT II (High School Student Readiness)

The candidate’s SAT score is used to evaluate their academic potential in comparison with the rest of the program’s applicant pool. The test consists of 2 core sections, Verbal and Math, which are individually scored on a range of 200-800 and added to form the overall score. The SAT also includes an optional essay section which allows candidates to demonstrate their writing and analytical proficiency.


Why do you have to take the SAT?

SAT is a tough exam to crack, but it can turn out to be positive for a lot of reasons. Some of these essential explanations are as follows:

  • On the basis of SAT scores, few graduate schools offer scholarships.
  • SAT score finds any work application
  • Many who are fearful of science groups can perform well in the exam easily. SAT presents few reading passages on science subjects or questions on data analysis.
  • Candidates have more time for SAT in math, writing and English questions compared to ACT.
  • There are only high school math subjects in the test.
  • The SAT essay is like a commentary on a particular subject.

Why choose Excellist for SAT & SAT Subject Tests?

We teach SAT classes at Knowledge Planet that are geared towards exceptional performance.

We assure top scores with the most satisfactory results.

Our programs provide a mix of imaginative problem-solving skills, deep conceptual comprehension, test-like modeling and timed practice.

Our SAT & SAT Subject Planning Courses interlard special tips and tricks that aid in an intelligent and less time consuming way to solve the problems in the exam.

Our specially developed program for SAT exam takers promises, targets and encourages students to have the best SAT preparation materials.

Our special methods of study focus on what is most important, so we respect your time and use it wisely!

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