PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The Pearson Test of English Academic(PTE)

A computer-based English language examination approved by educational establishments across the globe is the PTE Academic exam. In order to show their English language competence, students and aspirants who wish to go abroad to study or immigrate to a major English speaking country are expected to take the PTE Academic test. The three-hour computer-based test focuses on day-to-day English rather than high-level English and measures a student’s ability to understand the language as spoken on a regular basis effectively. The multi-level rating system guarantees that the student’s English language proficiency is better understood. There are several variables that vary between PTE Academic and other English proficiency exams. The scoring pattern and the outcomes are the first and foremost distinguishing aspects of the same. The PTE results and ratings are declared even earlier, usually in 2 business days, since the tests are fully computerized. For students who are in a bit of a hurry, this makes it suitable.

The test format

Pearson Test of English includes 3 parts and comprises diverse sections in the English language. The three parts are mentioned below.


The individual must and should show his ability to converse verbally in this section. Mostly, this section begins with an introduction to you and you need to offer your bio. This doesn’t count on your ranking, but gives you the definition of your history. The person must then finish various tasks related to speaking, such as:

  • Seeing a line of text on the computer and reading out loud
  • Reciting a photograph or image
  • Listen to a sentence and then repeating it
  • Providing very short responses to questions

Finally, the section ends with a few writing-related activities. Here, the person will give a reading first, normally a passage of 300 words or so, and then give a description of it in a sentence. This bundles up people writing a 300-word essay on a chosen subject. Most of the time, this section lasts between 77 and 93 minutes.

This chapter tests one’s understanding of skills. Many passages would be read by the individual and questions answered on the basis of the subject produced in the document. The kinds of questions are as follows:

  • Reordering Paragraphs
  • Multiple Choices
  • Fill in the Blanks

This is by far the shortest portion of the entire test and only 32-41 minutes will have to be spent on this section by the participant.

There are some recordings (audio) in the reading section, which people must listen to and then answer to the questions. In this section, some of the tasks consist of:

  • It should be very brief, to sum up, the spoken text, where the person listens and then writes a summary of the content.
  • The person will be asked questions about a recording in several options, and he/she must choose the correct answer from the several answers. Many questions may have a single correct answer, although a few may require people to choose more than one correct answer.
  • Infilling the blanks, with several words removed, the person can see material. The person would have to listen to the same details being recorded and fill in the blanks with correct answers.
  • Highlight right summary: In this, the individual listens to a recording and then reassesses several summaries. Based on these, they have to choose the description that is the correct one.
  • Find a missing word: In this, individuals would need to pick a missing word that fills the audio recording space precisely.
  • Highlight incorrect words: Individuals can see a text in this section, and listen to an audio recording of the same text out loud, but with minor differences. Individuals must recognize terms that have been deleted or changed.
  • Another will be composing from notation, where the person listens to a phrase and then needs to type the recording down. The length of the section would be about 45 to 57 minutes.
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