The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed for experienced professionals with ambition and drive who wish to develop their responsible and sustainable leadership skills. This program will enable you to gain a holistic strategic business point-of-view required to operate effectively in an increasingly competitive and changing global business world. Students may also have the opportunity to participate in a study abroad tour to complete their elective subject.

Why have an MBA?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) helps prepare in-career individuals for a career at senior managerial level. This degree will develop your understanding of the factors contributing to business success and enable you to build analytical skills in business problem-solving. In addition, it will provide you with a broad-based knowledge of other management subject areas and the theory and practice of management skills.

Course Structure


All MBA programmers are made up of THREE compulsory modules. On top of these, students are required to study and successfully complete from FIVE TO SEVEN electives, allocated to the student by us based on your existing academic credentials.

Master in Business Administration – CIM

The CIM (BVI) MBA program is action-oriented and is designed to accelerate the managerial and leadership development process of candidates. Gaining an MBA from CIM (BVI) will make you a great deal more competitive in the market place, as your knowledge of management skills and operating techniques will be significantly improved. Management in both the private and public sectors requires the highest level of relevant training, as well as vision, analytical skills, and the ability to implement far-reaching decisions; our MBA program stimulates students to look beyond narrow boundaries and horizons, preparing them for higher-level career-planning.

Our MBA is designed for practicing managers with previous relevant education, training, and work experience who are required to make a major contribution to the policy of their organizations. The specific focus of the program is on enabling managers to operate at a strategic level and manage their organizations effectively in the complex and uncertain business environment of today. Close links have been established with industry, commerce, and the public sector, all of whom have contributed to the development and design of the program.



Enable students to gain a broad understanding of the Managerial techniques regarding decision-making.

 Provide a global view of organizations and their environment so as to enable students to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

Underline the importance and significance of the increased managerial effectiveness and competence, and understand the various strategic approaches.

Enrich students’ development and managerial prospects by encouraging learning through their own past experience and their current and future needs and the needs of their market and society.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

Comprehend and appreciate the concepts and theories of Management and see to what extent these theories are applicable in the real and changing world.

 Understand and evaluate the objectives and importance of formulating strategies in a local and global context.

Be able to diagnose and analyses intricate situations and deal with unforeseen exogenous factors affecting the internal environment of their organization.

 Deal effectively with the human deficiencies and be able to tackle human friction and lead their teams through tough decisions and times.

 Face the challenges of career requirements more confidently and increase their advancement prospects for acquiring a senior managerial position.


Business Administration


Global Corporate Strategies












Financial Management & Investment


Human Resource Management


Global Marketing Strategies

20 Specializations


Public Relation & Advertising


Health Units Management


Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing


Energy Management


Project Management


Corporate Governance


Public Administration


Financial & Computer Management


Islamic Banking & Finance

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