Graphic designer course

Photoshop & Video Editing

Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool. This course will teach you how to use these same tools for video. You will learn the potential of the timeline window to allow you to easily create unique video projects.

Overview of the course

Adobe Photoshop, developed and released by Adobe Systems, is a graphics editing software. It is the current industry leader for applications for commercial bitmaps and image editing, and is Adobe Systems’ flagship product. Technically, this is the name of Adobe’s very popular applications for image editing. Many people misuse this trademark as a verb to mean “digital editing” as a symbol of how popular the app is and it is sometimes simplified to just “PS” in that use. 

Senior designers with more than 5 years of experience in delivering technical instruction in various computer assisted projects, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Sketch, Flash & Multimedia Subjects, are course instructors for the Adobe Photoshop Training Course. To perform their preparation, Excellist uses approved software. In the realistic workshops, live data is used to give the participants hands-on experience.

You will learn how to use Photoshop tools correctly in this Photoshop course, figure out how to retouch and color correct digital photographs, and get an introduction to professional imaging workflows.

Learning Outcome

Video Editing Training

A big business practice for today’s corporations has been to use videos to do promotions. Making a video is no longer challenging once you learn the training course in video editing. For those who are strongly interested, the Excellist Education Center provides the best Video Editing Training.   We inspire learners and help them achieve high video editing skills. The promotion of the products or services must be handled properly and the footage must be shot very carefully, which can only be possible if you are a specialist in advanced video editing. By letting you master the Video Editing Courses in Dubai quickly, our trained professionals will make you experts in this.

In improvising your talents, learning how to edit will help. With his amazing skills, a video editor will work for a business and gain big income. The thought and courtesy intervals must and should be taken into account by video editors while they maintain the video’s comic judgment, delete any needless or stroppy delays, and assemble the audio and video into one cohesive interpretation.

Course Objectives:

To offer well-versed and complete training on video editing with workshops, exercises, and applications.

To set a relative backdrop for assisting ease of learning, the academic background relating to video editing would be enclosed as well.

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