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Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

Network Technology and Cyber Security

Lincoln University College, Malaysia

  • We provide facilities for systems analysis, artificial intelligence, e-commerce and business intelligence.
  • This program offers a unique opportunity to learn about specialist security techniques and use real-world networking equipment in a security context.
  • Best and most affordable program price
  • International recognition

This learning will help the students to manage, design, implement, configure and operate secure networks on a professional footing and identify the threats to network security and formulate and implement defense strategies and mechanisms.


3 years

Field of Study:

Computer Science

Academic Requirements:

A Levels or equivalent

Registration Fee

AED 1500 (one time)

AED 1500 (one time)

AED 2,500 (one time)

Tuition Fee

AED 1,500 per month

Examination Fee

AED 600 per semester

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