Coaching Classes



Personalized Approach

Individual attention is paid to all students in the classroom to ensure they internalize what is being taught. That every student learns at a different pace is kept in mind throughout for optimal positive impact.

Comprehensive Preparation

The entire syllabus is covered effectively, well in time; with special emphasis on tackling all types of questions. Most importantly, NTSE/Olympiads and other school-level competitions are given equal importance in the classroom.

Doubt Sessions

Regular sessions on doubt clarification are organized by the mentors to ensure there are no gaps in students’ learning, and that they understand and can revise all concepts with ease.

Rigorous Evaluation

Our chapter tests and mock tests are just as rigorous as the actual exams; and are designed for students to have complete clarity on their level of preparation. The regularity of these tests makes the D-Day feel like just another mock test!

Continuous Learning

Our students have access to an offline support, study material and a dedicated group. This enables them to remain engaged and continue learning even when they are not in the classroom.

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