A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree is meant to provide a solid academic base for students in key business functions, including general business administration, accounting, finance, project management, information technology, human resources, marketing, international business, logistics, and organizational behaviour.

B.Sc. in Business Administration (BBA) ( 3 YEARS. - 6 SEMESTERS)

This course will develop your general management skills, equip you with practical business skills, and offer valuable insights into different business sectors. You will graduate as an adaptable ‘all-rounder’ – an essential strength in a modern, ever changing business world.

One of our distinguishing features is that at the end of each year of our three-year Bachelor program, we award separate certificates: at the end of the first year a Diploma; at the end of the second year an Advanced Diploma; and, finally, at the end of the third year, a Bachelor certificate. This offers students more flexibility and the freedom to start a degree without committing to the entire length of the course. 

On successful completion of Year 1, you will be awarded the Diploma in Marketing Management.

On successful completion of Year 2, you will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Business Administration.

Finally, upon successful completion of Year 3, you will be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Undoubtedly, in affiliation with Cyprus Institute of Marketing, this program prepares its students for the next-level business challenges and is in collaboration with many industrial experts in order to get the most of the opted program.


1. Marketing Management
2. Economics
3. Business Organization
4. Statistics
5. Business Law
6. Business English

1. Financial & Management Accounting
2. Consumer Behaviour
3. Human Resource Management
4. Computers & Information Systems
5. Case Study Analysis
6. Practice of Marketing

1. Financial & Management Accounting
2. Consumer Behaviour
3. Human Resource Management
4. Computers & Information Systems
5. Case Study Analysis
6. Practice of Marketing

Why choose Excellist?

Our Bachelor in Business Administration is a general course which will increase and refine your business acumen and your strategic management skills. This course has been designed by professionals with vast experience of the industry, making sure that, by the end of the course, you will have developed your strategic thinking and planning skills so as to defend market share locally and seek competitive advantages in world markets.

Moreover, you will have acquired the skills to define clear approaches to strategic management, learnt to understand the importance and use of technology in the modern business world, and become an effective manager capable of working across different organizations and nations.

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) BSc in Business Administration emphasizes strategy formulation and implementation. You will develop your capacity for identification and analysis of external environmental factors, internal strengths and weaknesses, and of economic, social, political and technological trends.

  • We prepare students to operate with ease across borders and also in multi-cultural business environments.
  • Helping students to analyze, synthesize and evaluate core business concepts and applications.
  • For maximized outcomes, we increasingly collaborate with our partners and/or stakeholders through faculty exchanges.
  • Bringing industry experience into the classroom through various skill development workshops, events and seminars.
  • Most affordable program price in order to encourage motivated learners to pursue their career aspirations.
  • Action-packed curriculum pushing learners to think strategically, ethically and internationally about business tactics, models and dynamics.

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