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Excellist Learning Center

Excellist is an educational institution established in 2008 with an aim to provide reputed and advanced qualifications including degrees, diplomas, after school booster classes, corporate trainings with various language and management courses to the students and aspiring learners in the Middle East.

We are flexible enough to assist in the implementation of numerous corporate training plans at any time, thus enabling our students to outshine and excel in their preferred arenas as well as augment their pursuit for excellence in their chosen careers or higher education and learning.

The goal of Excellist is to help you and your company gain a competitive edge as well as acquire and eventually master new knowledge and personal skills. Our objective is not restricted to the classic classroom training set-up, but rather to adopting training processes that have been constantly tested and updated.

Why Excellist?

Our innovative training techniques have garnered excellent response from industry stalwarts and have been greatly appreciated for proven efficacy and learning excellence.

The most important element in training is the trainer. At Excellist, we make sure that all our trainers are skilfully qualified with hands-on experience to impart flawless lessons and handle queries with ease.


The primary goal of the administration of learning center is to assure that both faculty and staff have the resources necessary to teach and assist students, while simultaneously assuring that students have an academic environment conducive to living and learning, both in class and out. The administration believes that student engagement in community service and service-learning is critically important both to the collegiate experience and to the preparation of students for life-long learning, service, and leadership. In short, at Excellist we recognize that education is a lifelong process; therefore, as faculty, staff and administrators, we are committed to providing Excellist students of all ages and all walks of life with educational programs and support services that allow each student to reach and exceed his or her goals and potential.

The administration of Excellist consists of multiple departments and offices working toward a common goal—to help you succeed in your curricular and co-curricular endeavors.


One of Excellist’s main aims is to prepare our student’s for whatever path they choose in life. Whether they are planning to advance in their school education or further their prospects in their working career. We hope to give them the tools necessary to achieve their ultimate best.


We believe that evaluation is a key component of bettering oneself and moving forward. We check the progress of each of our students to ensure they are learning at a pace that suits them and in the most effective way.


It is Excellist’s intent that our students will be able to see a positive change in their life after completing their program of study. We aim to bolster our student’s standing in their academic and working careers and become a new standard to with others will measure themselves.

The Mission

As the world grows more interconnected through technology and the internet, Excellist uniquely prepares students to take charge as a global citizen of the future by providing authentic learning experiences and holding them accountable for their independent success in academics and in their lives.


Our students have the educational freedom to choose when they learn, where they learn and how they learn.

Core Values

Integrity – I am a unique voice, with thoughts to share that are my own! I take pride in submitting assignments that are my original writings, and sharing them with teachers and peers!
Responsibility – I pace myself, and I take charge when it comes to my schedule. I am responsible for my learning career!
Independence – The freedom to decide when I learn, where I learn, and how I learn. I take charge of my own education!
Respect – This will manifest in polite consideration in all communications, reserving offense, admitting mistakes, offering easy forgiveness, and remaining goal-oriented toward academic success for Excellist students at all times.
Excellence – Excellence means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Excellist student’s shine of excellence and are the innovators of our future.